About MobiliseSME

About MobiliseSME

MobiliseSME is a programme initiated by the EU (EURES, EASI). It aims to help develop skills and capacities of staff of companies (employees, manager and owners or co-owners) by supporting short term cross-border secondments.

Building on the successful pilot scheme “MobiliseSME” implemented between 2015 and 2017, this programme aims to support people already in employment and wishing to experience cross border mobility in another company for a limited period of time while maintaining the contractual link with their employer.

Main features of the MobiliseSME programme:


The scheme involves the exchange of staff from an SME in one EU country to another SME in a different EU country.


The programme allows the use of the scheme to boost collaborations already taking place.


There are no deadlines to participate. The MobiliseSME programme works on an on-going basis.


MobiliseSME programme consists of a temporary exchange with a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months period.


Staff remain employed by the Sending Company during the period of the secondment. The Sending Employer still pays his/her salary and the expenses incurred.

Moreover, the MobiliseSME programme provides further activities and support to companies. It also offers:

Information about their participation in an internationalisation scheme. It contributes to the raising awareness of the importance of training and internationalisation of companies, among others.

Provide tools available to establish exchanges and contacts with other peers at EU level. Mainly through the access to the Matchmaking platform and the networks of the local information points.

Analysis of profile and needs of participants.


Matchmaking services. Local information points are critical to find a counterpart whom SMEs can agree on a secondment.

Guidance and review of the MobiliseSME Learning Project. The Mobilise SME Learning Project is the main working document. Local information points in each country will assist you in drafting one based on your needs.

Training services before departure. Useful information and training will be delivered by Partner Organisations before departure. This covers a wide range of topics such as business-related issues in EU countries and practical information on the stay abroad.

Ongoing evaluation of the Learning Objectives. The Mobilise SME programme also overviews the exchange on an on-going basis.

Recommendations for further development and guidance. MobiliseSME programme will provide recommendations and guidance on training, innovation, internationalisation and mobility.

For further details, you can check on the Who can participate, How to participate or the several Local Contacts Points in the EU.