Who can participate

Who can participate?


Applicants are Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). They can apply to the programme by registering themselves in the Matchmaking Platform or by contacting any of the Local Contact Points representing the programme in their territories.

All SMEs participating must fulfil the geographic criteria. The programme will consider applicants properly established and registered in the following countries:

  • EU Member States.
  • Iceland and Norway in accordance with the EEA Agreement.
  • Albania, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

One-man enterprises are allowed to participate if they are incorporated into a legal entity and have a VAT number. Other profiles such as self-employed, freelancers, independent contractors and a set of liberal professions such as lawyers, notaries, tax accountants, certified financial auditors, medical doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, architects, engineers are also considered eligible.

Other forms of self-employment are excluded. However, it is recommended to consult the Local Information Points since a case by case basis might apply.

Larger companies might participate but just as Host Companies (receiving seconded employees but not sending them).

It is compulsory to register on the Matchmaking platform in order to participate in the programme. Any person in an eligible SME may contact a Local Information Point to participate in the Mobilise SME programme and register the SME on his/her behalf.

(employees, managers and co-owners)

Participants are the staff belonging to the applicants (SME). They participate in the MobiliseSME programme. The term participant covers staff/employees, managers and owners or co-owners of SMEs. Concretely:

  • In the framework of MobiliseSME, the definition of an employee is a person who works full-time under an employment contract.
  • In the framework of MobiliseSME, the definition of a Manager is a person who works in full-time employment. Moreover, he/she must have a special responsibility within the day-to-day activities.
  • In the framework of MobiliseSME owner or co-owner means any person that founded the SME or it is part of the board of directors.

For further details or doubts about the requirements of any of the participants, please contact your closest Local Contact Point.