Are you ready for hybrid work?

Do you feel that you and the SME you work for or manage are prepared to work in a hybrid way? Have the changes brought about by the pandemic in your work environment altered the way you work? Do you feel that you have adapted optimally to these changes? Would you like to continue teleworking […]

Interviewing Turiart – Spanish SME in the tourism sector

Here we bring you the interview that we conducted with Marta Templado, owner of Turiart – an SME based in Valencia (Spain), regarding her collaboration, from March to May 2021, with Claudio Cristofori, owner of Jabalito & Karma (Bolonia, Italy): – Tell us a bit about your company (services, sector, and projects) and your professional path. […]

Supporting SMEs in the transition to online training with MobiliseSME

We welcome another secondment! This time it is about two companies that, thanks to MobiliseSME, are collaborating in the development of online training materials. Who are our protagonists? Carlos Gil, Iván Carnota and Mariana Figueira have decided to participate in the MobiliseSME programme for 6 months in Coimbra (Portugal). Carlos has a degree in Law […]

MobiliseSME supporting the exchange of ideas in rural tourism

Let’s introduce a new collaboration between European SMEs! Salvatore Greco, from Sikanamente, and Yoselin Chicasaca, from AIE International Business, have decided to work together in the field of rural tourism in Sicily (Italy) for 3 months, in the framework of the MobiliseSME programme.   Who are our protagonists? What are they seeking by participating in […]

Boosting audiovisuals, sustainability and tourism with MobiliseSME

Christian Battiferro & Alberto Pla are two professionals from the audiovisual sector, who started collaborating through the MobiliseSME programme at the beginning of May 2021. Christian has travelled from Italy to Spain to partner up with Alberto, and they are currently working together in València. They decided to join their forces during this uncertain time in the audiovisual industry, and are taking this opportunity to […]

New collaboration in MobiliseSME: restoring pianos from Spain to Belgium

It is time to introduce you to a new collaboration between European SMEs in the framework of the MobiliseSME programme: Gonzalo Palenzuela, Spanish freelancer and owner of Silentium Piano, has decided to participate in MobiliseSME as Sending Company (SC) to collaborate for 3 months with a Host Company (HC) from Belgium and specialised in importing […]

EU Digital COVID Certificate: safer movements in the EU

In one of our previous posts, we explained that there are tools such as Re-open EU that are very useful for labour mobility within the EU in times of coronavirus. Recently, the European Commission has approved a new system that will make it possible to provide health information in a simple and secure way, and […]

SMEs in the wine sector partnering thanks to MobiliseSME

Beata Vlnková & Rudi Verhoest are the owners of two companies in the wine business sector, who started collaborating through the MobiliseSME programme at the end of March 2021. Beata has travelled from Slovakia to Belgium to partner up with Rudi during 6 months. They have joined forces to develop their projects, each bringing their own expertise […]

Working hand in hand with the cybersecurity industry

On 6 May, Fundación Equipo Humano (FEH) attended an online event organised by the AEI cluster on Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies to present MobiliseSME, as a partner and co-leader of the programme. During the event, FEH participated in a working group comprising companies in the cybersecurity sector from all over Spain, but especially from the […]

A successful collaboration in times of coronavirus II

We continue sharing with you some of the interesting activities that the first participants in MobiliseSME programme, Marta Templado (Turiart) & Claudio Cristofori (Jabalito & Karma Viaggi), have carried out over the last few months.   Activity highlights A1- Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of the City of Bologna and delivering the MobiliseSME programme brochure […]