MobiliseSME Final Conference showcases benefits of cross-border collaborations for European SMEs and workers


– The MobiliseSME Final Conference highlighted achievements, barriers, and next steps for boosting SMEs competitiveness and enhancing employees mobility

– Experts, policy makers, and business leaders discuss challenges and opportunities for improving the EU Single Market

On 14 March, the MobiliseSME programme held its final conference in Brussels, gathering 76 attendees, among whom were representatives from different sectors to discuss the benefits and challenges of cross-border partnerships in Europe.

The event “SMEs’ Collaboration and Employee Mobility in the European Single Market” kicked off with the speech of Pablo López-Alvarez, President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, the entity co-leading this European project.

Afterwards, the stage was taken by Lambert Kleinmann, Deputy Head Labour Mobility, Public Employment Services at DG EMPL, and Crispin Waymouth, Deputy Head Industrial Forum, Alliances, Clusters at DG GROW, who shared their insights on the opportunities that European partnerships offer to SMEs and their employees.

The conference continued with the MobiliseSME programme coordinators, Jose Enrique Val (Fundación Equipo Humano) and Noelia Sánchez (Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg), who presented the main results and challenges for the 3-year duration of the programme, and how they have been providing technical and financial support to companies and workers all across the EU.


Carlos Gil (CEO of Yepso!) and Cecilia Sobral (CEO of SPACE-A Food) also shared their experience as participants in the programme, and talked about the great achievements they have made thanks to MobiliseSME. During the discussion, it was highlighted that many companies were surprised at how easy it was to participate in MobiliseSME. The European Single Market was also mentioned as a key player in achieving transitions and promoting skills, with the European Year of Skills being a notable example. Soft skills were also discussed as an essential aspect of personal and professional development.

During the panel discussion “Business and Employee Mobility: Challenges and Future of the European Single Market”, the panelists Paolo Pasimeni (Deputy Head Chief Economist of DG GROW), Noelia Sánchez, Cecilia Sobral, and Jose Enrique Val, shared their experiences and expertise on the topic, and engaged in a lively debate on the future of mobility and professionalization of workers in Europe. It was also considered the importance of policymakers understanding the obstacles companies face when collaborating across borders or going international, and how to address and remove barriers that may arise. 

Finally, the conference concluded with an inspiring discourse by Lambert Kleinmann, who offered a broad perspective on the current challenges and opportunities for the EU in terms of training, mobility and professionalization of its workforce. The need for further development of MobiliseSME in the future and linking it with similar programmes, such as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, were also discussed.

The MobiliseSME final conference brought together experts and practitioners to explore the state of cross-border mobility for businesses and employees in the EU. The insights and experiences shared during the conference can contribute to the ongoing efforts to strengthen and improve the EU Single Market, by promoting better access to new markets, enhancing cooperation between SMEs, and facilitating the mobility of workers across the EU.

By encouraging cross-border partnerships and knowledge-sharing, MobiliseSME aims to support the growth and competitiveness of SMEs in Europe and contribute to the creation of a more cohesive and integrated European Single Market.

Overall, the MobiliseSME Final Conference was a great success, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities for its participants, and paving the way for further business collaborations and partnerships in the future.