Stay tuned about what will happen after MobiliseSME!


As MobiliseSME’s latest edition concluded after an impactful 32 months (from August 2020 to March 2023), the resounding success echoes through the collaborations of over 560 companies, creating a thriving network across the European Union.

Thus, more than 790 companies have become part of this expansive network, with over 560 actively participating in international collaborations, joint projects and training initiatives.

As a result, we have gathered 30 inspiring experiences that show the transformative impact of cross-border collaborations, which you can discover through the MobiliseSME Success Stories Booklet.

Looking ahead to new horizons

Although the latest edition of MobiliseSME is no longer open to new participants, as it was a pilot project that ended in March 2023, prospects for the future are already in motion.

For those European SMEs, self-employed, employees and CEOs eager to embark on a continuous journey of professional growth, knowledge exchange and international collaboration, here is your chance!

Express your interest – take the survey!

To gauge the interest and expectations of potential participants, MobiliseSME crafted a survey dedicated to those eagerly anticipating the next possible chapter of our programme.

By filling out this short survey, you are not just providing your insights; you are securing a spot to be among the first to know how MobiliseSME will continue and thus be able to take advantage of new cross-border labour mobility experiences.

What to expect

Currently, there is not an estimated date on what will happen in the next months. The project has certainly been a success, but internal discussions are taking place on how to better continue this initiative, if at all. However, your participation in the survey ensures you will be among the first to receive updates as news come up.

By participating in this survey, not only do you express your interest in joining the next MobiliseSME, but you also play a vital role in helping us design and tailor the programme. Your insights will contribute to the development of new options, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of participants like you.

Stay involved and be part of MobiliseSME’s evolution!

Co-funded by the European Union and the DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), MobiliseSME has become a beacon of cross-border partnerships, fostering projects and skills for businesses and workers involved.

Therefore, MobiliseSME is more than a European programme; it is a community committed to fostering growth, collaboration and labour mobility. As we venture into this exciting new phase, we extend our gratitude for your interest and engagement.

For any further inquiries or support, our team remains at your disposal. Your journey with MobiliseSME continues, and together, we look forward to exploring the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for being part of the MobiliseSME story!