A successful collaboration in times of coronavirus I

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The first secondment carried out under the Mobilise SME programme involves two companies: one from Spain and the other from Italy.

The working relationship between our participants began in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Both are taking advantage of the current situation in the tourism sector to create new synergies, collaborations and projects for the “post-COVID” stage, thanks to their participation in the Mobilise SME programme, which gives them the opportunity to continue growing professionally.


Who are our protagonists?

Marta Templado is a Spanish businesswoman, CEO of Turiart, a company based in Valencia (Spain) dedicated to cultural and gastronomic tourism, which comes from the agro-tourism sector.

Since October 2020, she has been collaborating with Claudio Cristofori, owner of Jabalito & Karma Viaggi, a tourist agency based in Bologna (Italy).

In this case, Turiart represents the Sending Company (SC) and J&K Viaggi the Host Company (HC).

First secondment Mobilise SME programme

What are their objectives?

Some of the objectives pursued by both participants are:

  • Training in languages such as Spanish and Italian, in order to provide better services in their respective tourism markets;
  • Exchange training and experiences to face the situation of the post-coronavirus tourism sector;
  • To jointly develop attractive services for Italian and Spanish tourists;
  • Participate in events and fairs dedicated to B2B (Business to Business) tourism, such as the TTG Rimini Tourism Fair;
  • Strengthen the twinning of the cities of València and Bologna, which has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Activity highlights

A1- Creation of the Facebook page “Bologna-Valencia Gemellaggio 1980-2020”, conceived as an online space updated with contents relating to tourist destinations in both territories, activities carried out by both companies, events, initiatives, and other relevant information.

Twinning Valencia Bologna

A2- Participation in TTG Travel Experience, the main international B2B tourism fair in Italy, held in Rimini. By attending the fair, our participants have been able to increase their network of contacts and opportunities for collaboration with new agents.

MobilisesSME TTG Travel Experience

MobilisesSME TTG Travel Experience

A3- Meeting with Ms. Carla Faneti, President of FIDAPA BPW Italy (International Federation of Business and Professional Women), and Ms. Cristina Buronzi at Bologna Art Hotels, to start twinning relations.

Meeting with Carla Faneti, President of FIDAPA BPW Italy

A4- Organization of a cultural and tourist route about the “Bologna Spagnola” as a way of promoting Spain and its culture among the Bolognese population. This route also aims to establish personal and commercial relations between the cities of València and Bologna.

Cultural and tourist route about the "Bologna Spagnola"

We hope you have enjoyed reading us and that you will be encouraged to take a look at what our participants are working on. 

In our next blog post, we bring you another series of activities resulting from this successful collaboration. 

And if you are interested in participating, our Local Contact Points will accompany you through the whole process – that’s what we’re here for!


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