Fractioned stays: how MobiliseSME adapts to your needs


Last June, we introduced you to the collaboration between Gonzalo Palenzuela, Spanish freelancer and owner of Silentium Piano, and Queen’s Pianos, an SME from Belgium specialised in importing pianos.

Both companies expected to have acquired enough knowledge to complete the restoration of a total of 20 grand pianos, and learnt new techniques on mechanics of pianos, the installation of silence systems, keyboards, as well as the regulation and intonation process to optimize the sound qualities of instruments.

And what has happened to this collaboration? Well, they have taken advantage of a remarkable feature of the MobiliseSME programme: the fractioned stays.

MobiliseSME pianos

Fragmented secondments

The fractioned stays, characteristic of the MobiliseSME programme, allow to split the collaborations according to the needs of the companies to cover at least one month.

Thus, in this second stay, Silentium Piano (which participates in MobiliseSME as a Sending Company) is visiting other companies and piano manufacturers in order to sell its services and internationalise its company.

Fractioned stays MobiliseSME

The Spanish SME is also continuing with the knowledge transfer of different piano restoration techniques with local Belgian manufacturers, trying to perfect techniques and processes.

At MobiliseSME we strive to be as flexible as possible, so that our participants can get the most out of their experience.

If you would like to receive more information about potential secondments and/or would like to participate, whatever your sector, our Local Contact Points will provide you with all the details and will accompany you through the whole process.

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SMEs in the wine sector partnering thanks to MobiliseSME


Beata Vlnková & Rudi Verhoest are the owners of two companies in the wine business sector, who started collaborating through the MobiliseSME programme at the end of March 2021.

Beata has travelled from Slovakia to Belgium to partner up with Rudi during 6 months.

They have joined forces to develop their projects, each bringing their own expertise to the table. Although it is not easy during the current situation, their collaboration is bringing out the best in both.


Who are our protagonists and What are their objectives?

Beata is the President of the Association of Sommeliers of the Slovak Republic and CEO of Wine Wave Travel, a wine travel agency based in Slovakia that wants to expand its activities to Belgium.

Her aim is to promote and sell Slovakian and Austrian wines in the Belgian market and expand her network in the country, meanwhile acquiring new competences, such as the Dutch language. She is the Sending Company (SC).

On the other hand, Rudi has thirty years of expertise in the bank and insurance sector in Belgium. He is a wine enthusiast and a cuisine lover who has decided to make a career change: from finance to wine.

He wants to increase his knowledge on the wine sector, improve his tasting skills, learn all about wine sales and eventually, consider opening a future wine business. He is the Host Company (HC).

Wine partnership MobiliseSME


Activity highlights 

Both are currently collaborating on a market research in the region of La Roche, in Ardennes. Together they scout for potential customers and contact the tourist office and gîtes in the region.

Since April, they have organized several wine tastings adapted to the Covid measures. 

They started with only two attendees, but were able to welcome 15 people last week with the cooperation of the local agency Back-to-Nature.

They have also been presenting their project to the Ambassador of Slovak Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and talked about a future event at the Embassy to put in contact Slovakian wine producers and Belgian customers. 

Through their alliance, both are exchanging their knowledge in their fields of expertise, sharing their practises and contact networks, while developing their abilities (including languages).

Wine partnership MobiliseSME

Both are developing a business plan and setting up future collaborations to prepare a scenario after Covid, with the organization of wine tasting events and wine trips between these countries.

Beata and Rudi have seen in MobiliseSME programme the opportunity to partner up and adapt to the current challenges. They are confident many more activities will come towards summer.

MobiliseSME programme gives SME’s staff the opportunity to take advantage of the opporutnities of the EU single market and develop cross-border partnerships.

If you also want to have this opportunity, our Local Contact Points will accompany you through the whole process – that’s what we’re here for!


A successful collaboration in times of coronavirus II


We continue sharing with you some of the interesting activities that the first participants in MobiliseSME programme, Marta Templado (Turiart) & Claudio Cristofori (Jabalito & Karma Viaggi), have carried out over the last few months.


Activity highlights

A1- Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of the City of Bologna and delivering the MobiliseSME programme brochure to the City Council. The City of Bologna is very interested in the programme and has asked for a proposal to be approved before the end of the year.

In the same way, Valencia’s City Council is also interested in collaborating. It should be noted that both of them plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the twinning of València and Bologna, which took place on 3rd October 2020 but will be celebrated next year due to the current health crisis.


A2- Meeting with the Proloco Castel San Pietro Terme in Regione Emilia-Romagna, in order to share their interest in cultural tourism and agritourism, making the collaboration increasingly fruitful.


A3- Turiart is offering virtual tours, which are online proposals that provide information about the routes and guided tours that they usually offer around the Valencian Community in Spain.

Virtual Tour Turiart

A4- Language and cultural exchanges: meetings in Spanish as a preparation for travel in 2021, using samples of art and culture, among others, for all those who are living in Bologna but like to travel and want to learn Spanish.


A5- Professional meeting with Guide d’Arte Bologna, the association of licensed tourist guides of Bologna.

Guide d'Arte Bologna

A6- Guided tours organised by J&K Viaggi and Turiart, around Bologna.

– Christmas tour: nativity scenes and carol singing, as a Spanish Christmas tradition. Discovery of the oldest nativity scenes in Bolonia.

– “Bologna Antica e Romana”: walk through the historical centre of Bologna with a stop at the Roman Theatre.

– Organization of a guided tour on the occasion of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, in collaboration with the director of MEB – Museo Ebraico di Bologna, to learn about the Jewish history of Bologna.


Marta and Claudio have been collaborating in Italy until January 2021. However, in March they started another new relationship until May, being this time Marta the host. Such was the success of the first collaboration that they decided to continue it in Spain and continue working on some of the aspects that were pending.

Soon we will tell you how this successful collaboration came to an end and provide you with the main results.

Stay tuned!

And remember that if you are interested in participating in Mobilise SME programme, you may contact or any of the entities that work as Local Contact Points.


A successful collaboration in times of coronavirus I

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The first secondment carried out under the Mobilise SME programme involves two companies: one from Spain and the other from Italy.

The working relationship between our participants began in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Both are taking advantage of the current situation in the tourism sector to create new synergies, collaborations and projects for the “post-COVID” stage, thanks to their participation in the Mobilise SME programme, which gives them the opportunity to continue growing professionally.