How can microenterprises benefit from participating in MobiliseSME?


MobiliseSME is the first mobility programme specifically designed for SME staff whose main purpose is to encourage the internationalization of SMEs (including microenterprises) in the EU and improve their competitiveness.

Elena Zala and Philip Rossen have decided to start their collaboration through MobiliseSME for 6 months in Kolding (Denmark).

Who are the protagonists of this successful story?

Elena Zala is the founder of Zala Elena PFA, a Romanian microenterprise founded in 2018. Elena is a constant learner, connector, and facilitator of influential projects, with immense experience in copywriting, SEO, email marketing, social media management, market research, and PR. She is a passionate content manager and blogger who sees a huge opportunity in the impact of digitalization. In the framework of MobiliseSME, she represents the Sending Company.

Philip Rossen is the Chief Executive Officer at Justlearn, a Danish microenterprise established in 2017 that supports people in the process of learning new languages. The main purpose of Justlearn is to connect people across cultures and geographies. With Justlearn, Philip joined the MobiliseSME programme in the role of the Host Company.

What are their objectives?

Through their collaboration, Zala Elena PFA expects to be introduced to a new way of running a company in a domain that provides numerous opportunities for growth and advancement. Promoting the brand and improving digital skills by creating a social media strategy with Justlearn is just one small part that will make their collaboration even more valuable.

Working with an SME that provides support and overcoming language barriers and connects people across the globe to learn new languages, the Sending Company sees an opportunity to master a new language.

 Justlearn would like to expand its portfolio internationally, especially in Romania. Increasing the number of users of the platform, raising brand awareness and the company’s reputation in the media, by strengthening its communication strategy and promotional activities, are just some of the goals it will strive to achieve.

What is the purpose of their collaboration?

Through MobiliseSME, these microenterprises started the collaboration in terms of exchanging knowledge, discovering new markets, and developing services and online products that will make their businesses even more successful in the future.

Activity highlights

The collaboration between Zala Elena PFA and Justlearn started in mid-September in Kolding (Denmark). They are currently working on online marketing activities and preparation of the content that will be represented in the Justlearn blog.

For Elena and Philip, participating in the MobiliseSME programme means an opportunity to expose people to a new way of working, to understand and draw inspiration from new cultural customs that, in the end, enrich people and work and make them more adaptable to different circumstances.

MobiliseSME is a programme that provides unlimited opportunities for progress, business development and  cross-border partnerships.

If you also want to have this opportunity, our Local Contact Points will accompany you through the whole process – that’s what we’re here for!

This secondment has been managed by the partners Business Incubator Novi Sad – BINS and Cámara Oficial de Comercio de España en Bélgica y Luxemburgo.