MobiliseSME Success Stories Booklet: 30 Inspiring Experiences Revealed!


At the heart of MobiliseSME lies a commitment to nurturing skills and fostering cross-border collaborations among professionals across Europe.

As an initiative launched by the European Union, MobiliseSME significantly contributed to enhancing the expertise and capacities of staff members from various companies, including employees, managers, and business owners.

Over the 32 months of its implementation, spanning from August 2020 to March 2023, MobiliseSME facilitated a remarkable 286 cross-border secondments involving 572 SMEs across different EU countries. These secondments have empowered CEOs, managers, and employees to exchange knowledge, refine their skills, expand their competencies, and explore new markets.

Yet, behind these impressive statistics lie numerous captivating personal stories that underscore the programme’s impact and the transformative experiences of its participants.

The Stories Behind the Numbers

We are thrilled to introduce the MobiliseSME Success Stories Booklet, a compilation of 30 inspiring narratives showcasing the remarkable achievements and diverse experiences of programme participants. These stories reflect the enriching journeys, learning opportunities, and professional growth that our participants undertook through their cross-border secondments.

The stories featured in this booklet serve as a testament to the success and positive outcomes achieved by those who have engaged in the MobiliseSME programme. These inspiring tales demonstrate the tangible benefits and real-world impact of cross-border mobility, highlighting the invaluable lessons learned, partnerships formed, and markets explored.

A Journey Across Borders

The Success Stories Booklet is thoughtfully organized, with stories categorized by country, allowing readers to explore and appreciate the breadth of experiences across different regions of the EU. From innovative business strategies to cultural exchanges, each story encapsulates the unique perspectives and contributions made by our participants.

This compilation serves as a testament to the power of cross-border collaboration and the transformative effects of international mobility. It reinforces MobiliseSME’s mission to empower professionals, foster innovation, and drive economic growth by facilitating cross-border exchanges within the EU business community.

OUR Role in the European Single Market

At the core of MobiliseSME’s success lies a powerful connection to the European Single Market. The programme’s achievements exemplify the opportunities available to companies and employees, allowing them the freedom to work, move, set up and navigate across the EU seamlessly.

MobiliseSME’s impactful cross-border exchanges not only drive professional growth but also reinforce the ideals of freedom of mobility for workers, collaboration, ongoing training, and coordination among EU member states at the heart of the Single Market, contributing significantly to its vibrancy and strength.

By facilitating this dynamic mobility, MobiliseSME actively supports the essence of the Single Market, enabling businesses and employees to thrive in a unified and interconnected Europe.

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Explore these stories to discover the myriad ways in which our programme has positively impacted individuals, businesses, and European collaborations.

As we celebrate these successes, we invite you to delve into these narratives, celebrating the spirit of innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration that lie at the core of MobiliseSME!