MobiliseSME supporting the exchange of ideas in rural tourism


Let’s introduce a new collaboration between European SMEs!

Salvatore Greco, from Sikanamente, and Yoselin Chicasaca, from AIE International Business, have decided to work together in the field of rural tourism in Sicily (Italy) for 3 months, in the framework of the MobiliseSME programme.


Who are our protagonists? What are they seeking by participating in MobiliseSME?

Yoselin Chacasaca is the CEO of AIE International Business, focused on the digital transformation advice related to online marketing, tourism and development of entrepreneurship projects, with high experience in the rural and cultural sector. Yoselin provides services to other companies in business management and she would like to learn about the features and characteristics of tourist companies, since she is opening a new business line among her services. As a consequence, she is quite interested in how to create tourist products, in order to implement them on a local level.

On the other hand, Salvatore Greco is the co-founder of Sikanamente, whose aim is to promote cultural and environmental heritage of the Sicani Mountains Prizzi. Salvatore was interested in collaborating with a company that could give them the main clues to understand the tourism behaviour and develop new services.

In this respect, both SMEs are closely connected since their experience helps to support their goals.


What results do they expect from their collaboration?

Both companies are focused on the rural touristic routes in both Sicily and Galicia, so they can find some synergies among their daily work tasks, and set new common methods that allow them to be more efficient in the approaches and client services. 

While Yoselin will acquire new market knowledge in a region with high rural touristic rates, Salvatore and his team will learn how to better manage his company thanks to the tips and experience on business management from AIE International Business.

Also, they will improve their marketing techniques and boost their communication skills throughout an exchange of knowledge and best practices to catch the correct target group. 

Moreover, both sides could establish a lifelong collaboration due to the exchanges of knowledge related with their common lines of business.


Activity highlights

At this point of their MobiliseSME relationship, they are currently sharing ideas on how to improve the cultural heritage marketing strategies from both companies, and reach the right target groups. Moreover, they are developing new approaches on how to offer high quality services standards, so rural tourists have a good experience.

In this sense, they also require the development of new entertainment ideas that suit both lines of business, as well as the development of new tourism materials.

In addition, they are improving their social network skills to boost these communication goals, as well as studying the adaptability of each activity or idea in their own business.

For sure, this experience will allow both companies to increase their management skills, as well as their internationalisation opportunities focused on the development of their know-how in the tourism sector.

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