Boosting audiovisuals, sustainability and tourism with MobiliseSME


Christian Battiferro & Alberto Pla are two professionals from the audiovisual sector, who started collaborating through the MobiliseSME programme at the beginning of May 2021.

Christian has travelled from Italy to Spain to partner up with Alberto, and they are currently working together in València.

They decided to join their forces during this uncertain time in the audiovisual industry, and are taking this opportunity to develop their projects, each bringing their own expertise to the table. 

Audiovisual sector MobiliseSME

Who are our protagonists and what are their objectives?

Christian is a filmmaker and director from, a cooperative operating in the field of entertainment, show and multimedia which wants to collaborate with a Spanish partner who is interested in developing new ideas to apply to the audiovisual world related to tourism and culture.

Christian’s aim is to create a series of audiovisuals that promote cultural exchange and tourism showing the soul of Spain (Valencian Region in particular), meanwhile acquiring new competences, such as the Spanish language. He represents the Sending Company (SC).

On the other hand, Alberto is a photographer, documentary maker and the director of the Social Communication Agency-Alberto Pla, a Communication Agency that works for organizations, public institutions and companies that develop social projects.

He wants to develop a new idea of video format focusing on the promotion of sustainable tourism, in order to use it as a propaganda addressed to both national and international tourists and, accordingly, strengthening the already existing relations between the cities of València and Bologna. He represents the Host Company (HC).

Audiovisual sector MobiliseSME

Activity highlights

Both are currently collaborating on a social project that will result in a pilot video, promoting rural and sustainable tourism in the area of València. Together they identified key social, cultural and environmental issues which they will be exploring during their collaboration.

They observed the phenomenon of Street Art in its transversal use in urban development and embellishment. 

They have also identified, in the tradition of cultivation of rice, the recurrent theme of the promotion of rural and sustainable tourism

Through their collaboration, both are exchanging their knowledge in their fields of expertise, sharing their best practices and contact networks, while developing their abilities (including language skills for the SC).

In addition, both are developing their skills in an equal exchange of knowledge and setting up future collaborations to prepare for the post-Covid period, with the potential visibility of the pilot video that the SC will replicate for the area of Bologna.

Christian and Alberto have seen in MobiliseSME programme the opportunity to partner up and adapt to the current challenges.

MobiliseSME programme gives SME’s staff the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities of the EU Single Market and develop cross-border partnerships.

If you also want to have this opportunity, our Local Contact Points will accompany you through the whole process – that’s what we’re here for!