Kick off meeting of MobiliseSME


Last 5th of October, the 12 partners of the new Mobility Exchange programme for SME staff (MobiliseSME) held an online meeting due to the current COVID circumstances.

This is the first time the whole consortium meets in order to agree on the first steps of the new second pilot project launched by the European Programme of Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

Some of the first discussions covered topics such as the main rules: who can participate, under which circumstances and the working documents that the main target group (Small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs) should work on, etc.

In that regard, one of the first decisions was to cover all definitions of an SME in the context of the project: SMEs, freelancers, self-employed or liberal professions that have a VAT number or similar registration numbers that certifies there is an economic activity. Larger companies may participate only to host employees.

The consortium also decided about the logo of the programme, the ways to communicate with SMEs, the current situation of coronavirus around the EU and how this might affect their participation.

The different types of projects or collaborations that would be eligible were also discussed. Collaborations between SMEs will cover different topics such as:

  • Market research or marketing strategies;
  • Development of products and services (innovation R&D);
  • Internationalisation, search of new clients and trade opportunities (Foreign Trade);
  • Training (Knowledge Transfer);
  • Joint research activities;
  • Strengthening pre-existent collaborations or projects;
  • Other kind of activities or collaborations.

For further details, please check on How to participate or the Local Contact Points.

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