MobiliseSME has been extended until March 2023!


Yes, that is right!

Our European programme, MobiliseSME, was expected to end in July 2022. However, given the resounding success it is having, its extension has been approved!

What does this mean? We will continue supporting European SMEs for another 7 months, so until 31 March 2023 you will be able to benefit from the MobiliseSME programme.

This is very good news not only for those of us behind the programme who are striving to make it happen, but above all for the European SMEs, freelancers, self-employed or liberal professions who will be able to continue to take advantage of this cross-border labour mobility experience.

Thus, if you wish to broaden your knowledge of the market, be on the cutting edge of innovation, improve your competitiveness, or you need fresh ideas and acquire new skills, expand your networks and further promote the development of your activity or company, do not miss this opportunity any longer!

Here is a friendly reminder: collaborations between MobiliseSME participants cover different topics, such as…

– Market research or marketing strategies;

– Development of products and services (innovation R&D);

– Internationalisation, search of new clients and trade opportunities (foreign trade);

– Training (knowledge transfer);

– Joint research activities;

– Strengthening pre-existent collaborations or projects;

– Other kinds of activities or collaborations.

You can also visit our official website where you can find helpful documents, such as the MobiliseSME Guide, the General Leaflet, Host Company Leaflet and Sending Company Leaflet; as well as links to the matchmaking platform and information on financial support, among others.

Of course, you can always contact us via email at and through our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), although email contact will always be prioritised.

Do not forget to look for your nearest Local Contact Point for a closer and more personalised communication.

Let’s keep mobilising!