MobiliseSME, robotics, 3D design and communication: the ingredients of a successful partnership


Mar Sánchez (Marax) has joined the MobiliseSME programme as a Sending Company, working together for 6 months with the Berlin-based Host Company MotorSkins.

Discover the highlights of this collaboration below.

Who are our protagonists?

Mar Sánchez is a Spanish entrepreneur and founder of Marax, a technology-based startup of 3D design, strategy and marketing, specialised in content and digital transformation which accompanies companies in digitization throughout its value chain.

Juan Opitz-Silva is co-founder of MotorSkins, an interdisciplinary company specialised in textiles with embedded fluidics for human-machine interaction.

While Marax deals with business communication, specializing in robotics and technology, MotorSkins develops soft-robotics solutions for human-machine interaction, using fluid-driven textile-based devices to assist and support human locomotion.

What are their objectives?

Marax and MotorSkins will collaborate in the context of communication and marketing perspectives.

Thanks to the MobiliseSME experience, Marax intends to have the ability to manage the progress of a communication project; to improve and acquire new skills (both language communication and business management in Germany); to develop a complete and comprehensive mapping in the German market, favouring the expansion of Marax’s technology; and to develop procedures for the management of future projects, among others.

On the other hand, MotorSkins aims to establish a Communications Strategy Framework and tactical roadmap for the business development; to boost its corporate image in order to attract new investors, corporates and users; to have a list of lessons learned concerning marketing and communication on 3D animation projects; to enhance and strengthen business cooperation with Marax in the communication and commercial department; among other objectives.

Activity highlights 

Marax will support MotorSkins specially in communication and marketing fields, as this area is not yet covered in the Host Company.

Firstly, Marax will start the audit, research, and development of the communication plan. At the same time, the Host Company will introduce Marax into the German market, culture, and business.

Secondly, both companies will be able to go into detail about market analysis from the communication and marketing perspective, and they will jointly collaborate to identify the competence and investigate their communication strategies.

Afterwards, MotorSkins will test the communication plan on the company’s social media and website, while Marax will implement marketing strategies for social media channels.

In the final months of their joint collaboration, the two companies will focus on the launch of the 3D animation prototype strategy on social media and website, for Marax to finally carry out an analysis of the implementation and execution, and possible improvements to correct in future projects.

This secondment has been managed by the Austrian Economic Chambers – WKO and Fundación Equipo Humano.

MobiliseSME programme gives SME’s staff the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities of the EU single market and develop cross-border partnerships.

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