COVID rules and restrictions

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Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID19, the programme MobiliseSME has decided to provide as much information as possible so to secure all secondments and mobilities. In that regard, the Mobilise SME project will not define any new travel restrictions in addition to those that already exist at national level. Participants need to follow national advice and consult the website of their respective national ministries (Ministry of Health and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) for up-to-date travel restriction. In addition, participants need to make sure they have a valid medical insurance, whatever their destination, in accordance to the programme rules. For more information on individual Member States’ travel rules, Partner Organisations might suggest participants to visit the European Commission’s dedicated webpage: In case of major new outbreaks in any of the participating countries, the MobiliseSME will provide assistance and information so to ensure an adequate stay. For further details on rules during the COVID pandemic and how it might influence the MobiliseSME programme, please, address the Local Contact Points or

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