MobiliseSME Success Story · Yepso! and Mondeguitta Produções

Sending Company

Yepso Solutions SL is a training company that aims to help people pass the EU competitions and get a job in the institutions. It uses technology and educational tools of its training programme to help the candidates boost their performance.

Carlos Gil, CEO of Yepso!, knew about MobiliseSME through a collaborating entity. From a couple of years, the company wanted to explore distance learning, but it could not advance in this field due to various circumstances.

However, the pandemic was the perfect scenario to fully use the potential of distance and online learning – Carlos and his team thought MobiliseSME could be a great opportunity to find a business collaboration to implement it.

Yepso! knew very well Mondeguitta Produçoes (the Host Company) and their projects due to the great work with online videos that they do.


Sociedade Unipessoal LDA, commonly known as Mondeguitta Produções, is a company that provides audio-visual communication services to companies at a global level.

They focus on help companies building strong relations with potential clients through videos, humanising the essential tools to achieve effective communication.

Mariana Figueira da Silva, CEO of the company, found out about MobiliseSME through Yepso! (the Sending Company).

They thought MobiliseSME could be a great experience to obtain a holistic vision of the EU market; to favour their introduction in other countries, such as Spain and Belgium; as well as to enter to a market niche they were interested in: audio-visual communication linked to e-learning training.

Activities developed

Both Carlos and Mariana, with all the team of Mondeguitta Produções, collaborated developing a successful online course that will help Yepso! implementing a distance learning platform.

First, Yepso! adapted the script following the recommendations of Modeguitta Produções team and, after they did some translations –all contents were recorded in English–, they finally proceeded with the video recordings. 

In addition, Yepso! contributed to the training course with the technical knowledge and the training materials.

In this process, they implemented some new innovative techniques and got familiar with very specific audio-visual components related to the area of training. 


Skills gained for Yepso!: Management tools obtained, recording skills, teamwork skills and language skills (B1 in Portuguese).

Skills gained for Mondeguitta: Video-recording innovative techniques and audio-visual components specific in the area of training. 

Number of new countries covered: Spain, Portugal, and EU countries.

New services created/improved (Yepso!): Training online course – distance learning course in English.

New services created/improved (Mondeguitta): Audio-visual pilot of a training programme.

Type of collaboration

– Research and collaboration to find possible clients in foreign markets;

– Development of new products and services;

– Training and knowledge transfer.